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SEO Plans for Ecommerce Websites

Our analysts can help you research the best phrases to target for your online store. TSA SEO can work with businesses of all sizes and in any industry to deliver more traffic, sales and also help expose the brand of our clients through SEO.

The team at TSA SEO have over a decade of experience with search for eCommerce, consulting and developing SEO strategies for many of Australia’s largest online retailers.

Multi-Level Keyword Mapping

Keyword Selection

The key to an effective eCommerce SEO campaign is selecting the correct keywords that will deliver traffic to your website that will ultimately transact with your store. TSA SEO focus on a multi-level keyword mapping strategy. Here’s an example:

  • Top level general phrases
    • Product category/relevant brand phrases
    • Product level phrases

The more specific the phrase combined with relevant website content, the more likelihood relevant traffic will convert into sales.

Understanding The End User

Multi Device Attribution

We have no control over which device a person accesses your store from. Some could be browsing on a laptop from the comfort of their home while others may be out and about on a mobile device looking for a specific product or store location.

All we can control is the type of search experience they receive. Search Engines are now placing more and more importance on mobile search and constantly refining their search algorithms to deliver a more personalised experience. We can assist you in developing a solid cross-device eCommerce SEO solution.

Like To Work With Us?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or want a free quote for our eCommerce SEO service or any of our other services. We will respond to your question or submission as soon as possible!

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